The Innkeeper’s Dream

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Envision that first Christmas Morning as the Innkeeper tells the story of Christ's birth to his friend, thinking that it was just a dream. With humor and poignancy throughout, this Christmas performance tugs at the heartstrings of everyone as they watch the innkeeper realize it wasn’t a dream after all!

Because of a census decreed by Caesar that every man return to the home of his father, the population of Bethlehem swelled and there was no room in Bethlehem for such a special baby to be born.  One innkeeper did find room in his stable for the Christ-Child and who knows? Perhaps he found room in his heart as well.

This is Brad’s performance of this play at Beaumont Baptist Church.  Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the full service was not recorded and the beginning of the play is missing. I pray that at least this much will be a blessing to you.

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