About Me

Since my late teens, I have faithfully worked to serve God teaching Bible studies, Sunday School classes, occasionally preaching when the pastor was away, and serving in various roles of church leadership.  I have served churches first in Springfield IL in the late 70’s and early 80’s, then in Decatur IL until we moved in ’95 to Spartanburg, SC.

At various times in all the churches I would have well-meaning christians take me aside and tell me that they think I should go into the ministry.  My answer was always the same.  While I appreciated their guidance, I believed I was right where God wanted me to be, working as a Master Jeweler and serving as a Lay Leader and Teacher.

That all changed in September of 2016.  For the first time in my life I believed God was leading me to a discipleship ministry.  My wife Debbie and I talked and prayed about this.  I meet with our pastor and a few other church leaders and we all believed this truly was what God wanted me to do.  An opening arose where I believed God was leading, but by December that door had closed.

It was then I was introduced to Man In The Mirror ministries and an opening they have for field staff.  As I learned about the organization and studied the information they teach, I felt God leading me to pursue applying.  In March, they offered me a position of Field Representative. To learn more about Man in the Mirror Click Here.

As a Field Representative I will be working from my home office.  This will allow me to still have a part in our company Internet 4 Jewelers, although Debbie will continue to do most of the work involved with the marketing service we provide.

I have begun my training for Man In The Mirror via the internet and will need to travel for additional training this summer and fall.

I need your support in two areas:

  • First Pray for me and the ministry I will be doing through Man In The Mirror.
  • Second prayerfully consider contributing to my financial support.  At this time I need to raise $4500 to cover my travel and training expenses.  Then once the initial training is complete I will require regular monthly support to cover, my salary, ministry expenses, and continuing education. To make a financial donation Click Here.

I’m excited for this new adventure and I do believe that God is leading; therefore, He will provide!

In His Service,
Brad Simon